Web services, Content Writing & Illustrations


Web Content Writing


Writing - Editing - Translation

The way you present your business on paper and online, and the words you use will build your reputation: make every word count with English SEO content copywriting, editing, and accurate, humane translations to French. 

Graphic Design & Illustrations

Logo design & graphic illustrations

Logo Design - Graphic Design

Stand out from the crowd with vector graphics and illustrations that will catch the attention of your future customers. Become instantly recognizable by building your signature brand identity. Personalize your banners, web pics and social media pictures with your branding.

Web Services

website design and web services

Website Design - Social Media

The success of your business starts with an optimized, responsive and mobile-friendly website that ranks high on search engines, then increases as you build your online presence and your brand awareness through online marketing.

why choose inKognito?

international reach in French and English

“(...). Laetitia was initially hired in October 2015 to re-write and re-design some of the website's key pages and to advise and assist on the overall design of a new website and on social media marketing. Laetitia has demonstrated and impressive flair in all these areas. She is effective, efficient and a skilled communicator. For the Eurolingua Institute, Laetitia is an indispensable resource on this ongoing project as we move forward into 2016.” 

— Barry Haywood, Owner, The Eurolingua Institute